Local church gives back to the community for Thanksgiving

Saints of God House of Worship has been handing out meals at the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving for the past nine years.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

One local church in conjunction with the Salvation Army spent the afternoon feeding anyone in need of a warm meal this holiday season.

The Saints of God House of Worship spent the afternoon feeding anyone looking for a traditional Thanksgiving meal Thursday.

The local church has been coming to the Salvation Army for the past nine years, making sure no one goes hungry on Thanksgiving.

According to Missionaries Betty and Frank Wright, it's all about making sure everyone has a loving meal this holiday.

"We get joy because other people got a great meal. And see normally they would be running around trying to find something to eat, now they don't have to. We make it available for them to just come, enjoy. We don't just give them a little food, we give them heavy plates and they can eat plenty until they get full and that's our joy, we love that," said Wright.

Last year, Saints of God House of Worship fed over 200 people.

Their goal this year was to feed as many people as possible until they ran out of food.

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