Local church 'disfellowshiped'

Local church 'disfellowshiped'. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

One Albany church is now 'disfellowshiped' from the Southern Baptist Convention for "intentional discriminatory acts toward people based on the color of their skin."

That's according to a statement from the executive committee.

The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee says Raleigh White Baptist Church, a predominantly white church, invited New Seasons Church of Albany- a predominantly black church - to share the church space.

The Southern Baptist Convention says members of New Season were turned away from a Raleigh White homecoming service.

The Georgia Baptist Mission Board and the Local Mallary Baptist Associate tried to resolve the conflict but were unsuccessful, according to the same release.

Roger Oldham, the Vice President for Convention Communications and Relations said essentially disfellowshiping the church means they are no longer affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

In a statement he said,"When the convention declares a church no longer in friendly cooperation with the convention, the church retains it's full autonomy; but the church no longer qualifies to send messengers to the annual business sessions of the convention..."

We reached out to the Raleigh White Baptist Church and have not heard back.

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