Local Christmas tree farm was affected by Hurricane Michael

Local Christmas tree farm was affected Hurricane Michael./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

Southwest Georgia is still feeling the impacts of Hurricane Michael, and for some businesses, it's affecting Christmas.

Busy Elves Christmas Farm in Leesburg is known for bringing the Christmas spirit to homes across the area.

Joedy Putnal, owner, said it takes years to grow a Christmas tree.

"Well, I got trees that we've planted last December, and I got trees that are seven years old,” Putnal said.

After seeing the damage in Albany right after the storm hit, Putnal didn't know if the trees that he's been growing for years would still be standing.

"I was thinking I was going to come here and all my trees were going to be on the ground, but it wasn't that bad,” Putnal said.

He lost at least $3,000 worth in trees from the storm.

"I would say there was probably 100 or so that couldn't be lifted up,” he said. “If they were six to seven-foot tall, it would be around $30 [each]."

Even though this natural disaster was devastating, Putnal said this was the first time his farm took a hit.

"For 30 years, I haven't been bothered with it,” he said. “I think that rather than being sorry about it, I should think of the good things."

Although 100 trees were destroyed, Putnal said the farm has more than 1,000 trees available.

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