Litter along Lake Loretta, what you can do to help

Commissioner Roger Marietta says that around 5 percent of people leave litter around Lake Loretta.Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Most days, you can find dozens of Albany and Southwest Georgia residents walking around Lake Loretta in Albany for exercise and to enjoy the natural beauty.

Although the lake is widely used, city commissioner Roger Marietta says that he often walks around to pick up litter almost every single day for the past 12 years.

According to Marietta, most people that frequent the lake are good about disposing of their trash.

He says it's only about five percent of lake goers that throw their unwanted items around the lake's trail and avoid using the trash can that surrounds the popular body of water.

"You know the five percent can cause a lot of mess and some of them, they just park their cars, eat their lunch and toss it out the window and one of those individuals can make the whole lake look bad," said Marietta.

According to Marietta, another common problem are the drainage pipes that sit off of Dawson Road.

Trash that falls onto the widely used road is then dispersed into the lake during times of heavy rain.

Marietta adds that he does think the problem is getting better.

Although he says people must use self-discipline and respect to make Albany a better place.

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