Lions Club donates towels, hygiene kits

The Lions Club donated 8,000 hygiene and towel kits to storm victims. / Mary Green

It’s been more than a month since the Jan. 2 storm and three weeks out from the Jan. 22 tornadoes, but residents are still recovering. Thankfully, there are also still groups willing and eager to help out.

The Lions Club put together and is in the process of donating 8,000 hygiene kits to residents through the YMCA, Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club and rescue missions.

The packs include soap, lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste and more. But most importantly, they also came with a selection of towels after members noticed firsthand how some people were using the YMCA’s free showers but didn’t have anything to dry off with.

“If you’ve lost everything, you don’t have anything, and I know it was embarrassing for some families to go down there because they had to stand in line, and they weren’t there to use the gym; they were there to take a shower. And no one realized that the YMCA didn’t have any towels. They weren’t equipped for it, and so we immediately said, hey, this is what we need to do,” said Willie Cooper, Lions Club district governor.

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