Linemen remember January 2nd storm

Linemen agree, working the January 2nd storm was a very humbling experience.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

A year has come and gone since the January 2nd storm struck the city of Albany by surprise.

On the days following the storm, linemen at Mitchell EMC worked around the clock to restore power and rid the community of downed power lines.

Twelve year veteran Vinsont Trueblood says the job wasn't easy.

Trueblood says the work is tough but the people he is able to help make it all worth it.

"I did speak to one lady during the first January 2nd storm and she was getting ready to get all the trees out of her yard and everything and she was explaining to me how much it was going to cost and then she did say well I sure hope doesn't come this year and I think about that lady all the time," said Trueblood.

Trueblood says it was incredible to see the city of Albany come together the way they did after the January storms and he is thankful for people who were understanding while they restored power.

Utility crews at Albany Utilities say the January 2nd storm from last year was a real eye opener.

According to Director of Operations Jimmy Norman, there's really no way to have your system prepared for a natural disaster like that.

Norman looks back and says he is proud of how the community came together and all of his linemen's hard work.

"I know for some that were out of power for a long time, it seemed like an eternity but to do all the work that these guys did in the amount of time they did, we were very blessed. We were very blessed that we didn't have any more injuries or accidents than we did," said Norman.

Both Mitchell EMC and Albany Utilities agree, working both the January storms was a very humbling experience.

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