Lee County Middle School West students in national competition for life-saving device

Team member Braylea Phillips posing with the device.Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Four students from Lee County Middle School West have spent the past seven months working on a life-saving tractor roll-over device.

Currently, the group has been selected as one of the top ten teams in the country and will travel to New York next month to discuss their device.

FOX 31 spent the day talking to the four students, Ian Harding, Braylea Phillips, Christian Dozier and Megan Hendley about their brand new device.

The device, known as Tractor Angel, immediately notifies police when a tractor roll-over has occurred.

"The gyroscopic sensor, it senses the angle it's at when the tractor's definitely going to tip over and it alerts the authorities," said seventh grader Ian Harding.

Team member Braylea Phillips feels especially passionate about the device.

Both her great uncle and a friend to her grand dad died in tractor roll-overs and her dad, a farmer, often works outside alone.

"My dad is always alone out there so I know now that if he has this device on his tractor, he can be safe if there is an accident," said Phillips.

As for the seventh graders, they say it's all about proving to other kids that they can do anything they set their minds to.

"This gives us the opportunity to prove that kids can do things and we can save lives and we can make changes in the community," said Harding.

The four students will pitch Tractor Angel to a panel of judges in New York on April 8.

If they place in the top three, they will be awarded $150,000 dollars worth of Samsung technology for the school.

You can also vote for the Lee County Middle School West Team at www.samsung.com under the Solve for Tomorrow tab.

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