Lee County teachers prepare for the unexpected

Lee County teachers prepare for the unexpected. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Lee County High School teachers know that learning is an ongoing journey.

Teacher Eric Watson says, "As an educator, our utmost job is to educate our children. I think it's also important that we educate ourselves."

Watson and nine other teachers learned how to ‘Stop the Bleed’ Tuesday.

They're the first group of teachers at Lee County High School to be trained on what to do in an emergency, when someone may be bleeding out.

Watson said, "Being prepared is of the utmost importance and I think this training is just a step up to better further our ability to help in times that we think may not happen but we want to prepared for."

Watson says the recent shootings have shown something tragic could happen any where at any moment.

"I think in this scenario it’s very important that we not just prepare ourselves but prepare our students as well," says the teacher.

Fire and Life Safety educator, Kyle Lentz, says the program trains teachers, school nurses and staff, "This gives teachers another tool that they can use."

As part of the program, Lee County High School was given 12 trauma kits that include gloves, gauze, tape, a tourniquet and more.

"This is for one student. It doesn’t have to be for a student, it could be for a teacher like we saw last week," says Lentz.

These kits were paid for by the Georgia Trauma Commission but Lee County hopes to have at least one trauma kit in each classroom.

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