Lee County sees first snow in years

Co-County Manager Mike Sistrunk says that there were no major accidents or injuries to report on Wednesday.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

City leaders and emergency responders began preparing Tuesday for the winter weather that hit Lee County early Wednesday morning.

According to Co-County Manager Mike Sistrunk, Public Works crews were ready with sand truck vehicles Tuesday night.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office also kept an eye on bridges and overpasses in to the early morning Wednesday to keep drivers safe.

According to Sistrunk, it never got cold enough for Public Works to have to put materials on the roadways.

He says there were no road closures Tuesday night or early Wednesday.

According to Sistrunk, the last time Lee County saw snow was back in 2010.

"I think the important thing is that you get a glimpse of snow to enjoy but nothing was damaged. No county offices were closed so we were able to perform our regular duties today and nobody was in danger. I don't think we had any major accidents so that's a good thing. As long as people got to see snow, it all worked out great," said Sistrunk.

According to Sistrunk, there were no major injuries or accidents to report.

He says he is proud of how the community came together and local city leaders worked to keep Lee County safe.

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