Lee County Schools welcome MCLB students

Lee County schools accept MCLB Active Military personnel children. / Matt Prichard

The Lee County School System announced Monday that it will be accepting students of active military personnel from Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

Military parents choosing to send their children to Lee County can expect to pay an $8.50 tuition charge per day for the entire school year. They also will be responsible for transportation to and from school.

Superintendent, Dr. Lawrence Walters, says he's excited however isn't sure how many students Lee County will actually be getting.

"We don't know how many children we might get from the Marine Base, but it's just something that is an option for them, and they have other options as well," said Dr. Walters.

And for you math wizards out there, at a tuition rate of $8.50 cents-per-day, over the course of a 177 day school year, military parents can expect to pay $1,504.50 cents for the entire year.

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