Lee County mother takes donations, animal food for local shelter in light of son's death

    Lee County mother takes donation and animal food for local shelter in light of son's death./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

    One mother celebrates the life of her son in a slightly different way.

    She shows kindness in the Lee County community.

    This started three years ago. The first year, she gave goodie bags to kids in foster care. Last year, she gave Nurf guns to kids at the local hospital. This year, she's helping animals at the Lee County Animal Shelter.

    She had a little help deciding what to do this year.

    It’s safe to say Zayne Olsen had a favorite kitten at the Lee County Animal Shelter, but one of his favorite people in the entire world is his cousin Max.

    If Zayne had to pick one activity that he loved to do with Max, it would be....

    "Going to swim at our grandparents’ pool,” Zayne said.

    Zanye never thought swimming with Max would come to an end.

    "My son, Max, passed away July 16, 2014 from Kawasaki Disease,” Maryann Rocklin said. “It was five days before his eighth birthday."

    Every year, to celebrate Max's life and bring awareness to the Kawasaki Disease, Rocklin does something nice in Lee County.

    "My nephew, this year, asked to do cat and dog food for the Lee County Animal Shelter,” Rocklin said.

    She adds it's important for them to keep Max alive and show the same kindness Max would've showed towards others.

    "He was a sweetheart,” she said. “He loved everybody that he came in contact with."

    It's safe to say Max had a special place in his heart for his cousin.

    "They were like Batman and Robin,” she said. “Wherever you saw Max, you saw Zayne."

    Zayne wants Max to know that he misses him every single day.

    "I love you,” Zayne said. “I miss you.”

    You can bring donations, dog or cat food to Dogonit Hot Dogs located at 227 Walnut Avenue South in Leesburg.

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