Lee County in the running for new track

Lee County High School could be trading in their current track for a new one in the coming years. / Matt Prichard

Superintendent of the Lee County School System, Dr. Lawrence T. Walters stated in a meeting on Thursday that renovations to the Lee County High School track are needed.

The facility currently has a paved track which makes it unqualified for competitive track & field. Dr. Walters impressed upon the board of education the importance of proper athletic facilities for students.

"We want our students to be involved in these kind of activities, and of course we want them to have good facilities to compete on. It's something that is a high priority in Lee County," said Dr. Walters.

The new track would be funded through SPLOST funds, but is second in line to the renovations on the district's second middle school. Officials with the board of education say if there is enough money left over, a new track at Lee County High School is likely.

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