Kids learn lifesaving lesson at the Boys and Girls Club

Pool lifeguard.

Over 250 kids are enrolled in the "Learn to Swim" program hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of Albany.

For parents, getting children enthusiastic about getting off the couch during their summer break can be a hard task, but people who work at the Boys and Girls Club on Jefferson Street in Albany, Georgia say they've found one way to get the kids moving. It's called swimming.

Albernell King, swimming instructor, says the majority of the children participating in the "Learn to Swim" program are underprivileged. He says a lot of them don't have pools of their own and without taking the course they may never learn the proper techniques of swimming.

"It's either two or three things," said swimming instructor Albernell King, "We can read about them in the river drowning, or in apartment pools that don't have lifeguards or in somebody's home breaking in and swimming in their pool."

King says not only is the Olympic sized pool a good place for kids to learn to swim but it's also a great way for them to stay out of trouble.

"At least we know where the children are. If they are with us, they're not out in the streets. They're not participating in gangs. They're not breaking and entering and we know that they are safe if they are here," said King.

The aquatic manager at the club believes the classes also introduce the children to new people.

"Underprivileged kids get a chance to shoot it with the kids that are affirmed kids," said aquatic manager Bobby Savage, "We just have a real good mixture of kids of all nationalities and everything."

Each two week swimming session only costs five dollars. The classes start at 9:00 a.m. and last for 45 minutes.

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