Kids go Christmas shopping with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office

Kids enjoyed shopping with the Dougherty County Sheriff Thursday afternoon.Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Christmas came early Thursday for some kids who live in the community.

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office put on their 15th annual "Shop with the Sheriff" event at Kmart Thursday afternoon.

Children from pre-k to 11th grade were given $100 to spend freely on themselves and loved ones for Christmas.

FOX 31 spent the day with Sheriff Kevin Sproul who says today is his favorite day of the year.

“I tell people all the time there’s days I wake up and wonder do I really want to be the Sheriff today because of something bad that may have happened you know in the community but then these are days I never regret. I always just love being out here with these babies," said Sproul.

The Sheriff says any little thing he can do to help these kids enjoy a merry Christmas is all that matters to him.

“So many parents don’t even have a Christmas tree in their home or don’t even have parents to be with them during the holidays. And you know I can’t imagine that as a child growing up having a mom and dad there every day supporting me," said Sproul.

8-year-old Cadence enjoyed spending his $100 on finding the perfect nerf gun and buying presents for his family.

Cadence says the Kmart store felt like waking up on Christmas morning with a room full of toys.

“I find so much stuff it just feels like the store is the Christmas and the store is like Santa Clause’s big belly with all the toys he’s been wanting to give us for Christmas," said Cadence.

Cadence says shopping for Christmas presents with good company is all that he could have asked for this Christmas.

“My favorite part is that I get to go shopping with one of my favorite cops," said Cadence.

Cadence says today was one of the best days of his life.

Every year, the kids start with lunch at Tokyo and then spend about an hour shopping at Kmart.

This year, 20 kids participated in the "Shop with the Sheriff" event.

The Sheriff's Office is purchasing Christmas gifts for 45 kids this year.

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