Keep Albany - Dougherty Beautiful reflects on a successful 2017

KADB has big plans for 2018.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Judy Bowles with Keep Albany - Dougherty Beautiful is excited about all of the progress the organization made in 2017.

Bowles said one of her proudest moments of last year was when over 200 students from Sherwood Christian Academy helped paint the outside of a church along with four duplexes.

Over one weekend, 2,000 people came out to pick up over 105 miles of roadway, collecting more than 38 tons of litter.

Bowles says she is most excited about the community's commitment to the organization and making Albany a more beautiful place.

She encourages everyone to try volunteering in 2018.

"Just like I planted a tree at my, at the home I was born in when I was in the 7th grade, I still ride by and feel special about that tree because I helped planted it," said Bowles.

The Fight Albany Blight group is working on pin-pointing target areas for the coming year.

Every six months, a new area will be targeted.

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