Keep Albany - Dougherty Beautiful celebrates annual luncheon

The annual luncheon celebrated all of the volunteers who have helped make Albany a better place to live in 2017.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The Keep Albany - Dougherty Beautiful organization held their 29th annual luncheon Thursday afternoon, celebrating all of the volunteers who helped make Dougherty County a better place to live in 2017.

The event saluted over 132,000 Dougherty County volunteers who collectively donated more than 140,000 hours of volunteer service in 2017 alone.

In total, 38 tons of debris were removed from over 104 miles of roadway in the span of the year.

KADB Chairperson Jeanette Henderson looks back on the progress made in 2017 and encourages everyone to come out and volunteer in 2018.

"This will help our young children in years to come. If we do what's right now, we can focus on making sure that things are taken care of in the future to come. So we are asking people to volunteer now so that in the near future when our grandchildren, grand children's children come along, that they will have a nice, decent place to live," said Henderson.

In April. the community is invited to participate in the 'Stash the Trash' event. Come May, there will be a day dedicated to recycling.

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