Junior League helps restock The Lily Pad

The Junior League of Albany re-stocked the Junior League Closet at Lily Pad on Tuesday.

The closet was created a few years ago as a League project. The league donates items that women and children need who stay at Lily Pad. They raised $200 to buy hygiene items such as toothbrushes, deodorant and underwear for the closet.

The Lily Pad also provides a bag of items to women or children after a forensic exam.

"Also we have this closet here where they'll donate toiletry items, underwear, clothing, blankets things such as that," Mary Martinez-Allen, Lily Pad Executive Director said.

"This year we've done it twice and we're looking forward to doing that twice every year. Once in the fall and then one in the springtime," said Junior League Of Albany Secretary Jenny Collins.

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