Law enforcement agencies team up to make entering auto arrests

Southwest Georgia law enforcement agencies team up to discuss entering auto arrests. Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Law enforcement agencies from Southwest Georgia came together Tuesday to discuss the ongoing prevalence of entering autos over the past two months.

The Albany Police Department, Lee County Sheriff's Office, Leesburg Police Department and Dougherty County Police Department announced the arrests of five people involved in burglaries and entering autos.

According to Sgt. Jon Segroves, they've been responsible for multiple entering autos and burglaries in the Doublegate area, the area around Ledo Road, Schley Avenue and other cases in the county.

Segroves says the five suspects have been linked to "well over 15 entering autos" in Albany and Dougherty County alone, and he said more could be possible.

The five suspects, 21-year-old Brandon Breedlove, 18-year-old Tyon Whitaker and three 17-year olds are in jail in either Dougherty or Lee County.

Sgt. Segroves says it's imperative to lock your car doors.

"We lose guns in these entering autos every day. Take them in the house, secure them, don't leave them where the public can find them. Your property around your house, if you can secure it inside of a storage building or something like that. If you leave it out, then it's susceptible to being stolen," said Sgt. Segroves.

According to Segroves, the total amount of property has not been added up at this time, but he assumes at least several thousand dollars worth.

He adds it's a good idea to record your serial numbers on important property in case they are stolen.

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