January 22 storm victims, community reflect at candlelight vigil

January 22 storm victims and community reflect at candlelight vigil./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

The community came together for a candlelight vigil to remember those who lost their lives, and to remember how strong Albany is after facing the devastating storms.

Many shared their stories with tears and heavy hearts, but they're all grateful to still be alive.

"Now everything gone,” Lorraine McKelvin, storm victim, said. “No trees, no trailers, everybody is gone."

Exactly 365 days later, and the paralyzing memories make it seem like it happened yesterday.

"It was just horrifying to see what happened in the few minutes that we were in there,” she said.

Lorraine has been to her previous home only once since it was destroyed.

"I'm looking around now,” she said. “It don't look the same. It's just a blessing that I made it."

She got the courage to come to Monday’s candlelight vigil.

"I lived through it,” she said. “People came to me when we needed them, and I'm just supporting my family."

This past year for Lorraine has been tough.

"I'm on medication now, but I'm getting through it,” Lorraine said.

She's grateful that she's still here, and gives that credit to God.

"I guess it wasn't my time to go,” Lorraine said, “I'm here right now, and I feel for the people that didn't make it."

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