Identity theft, how to protect your children

Identity theft can happen to anyone. It is important to keep tabs on your credit scores and keep personal information private. Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The Lee County Sheriff's Office wants to remind parents to frequently check their child's credit information.

Sergeant Daphne Lindsey says it is important to do frequent credit checks to make sure your child's information has not been stolen.

According to Lindsey, often times children are at greater risk for identity theft because of their unused credit.

Lindsey says it all starts with keeping tabs on what your children are doing on the internet. Make sure they are using safe websites and not posting personal information like school name, county of residence, last name and addresses.

"Be cautious about using your real name on the internet. Especially young people because chances are young people do not have bad credit and they could use their identity to purchase things and become that person," said Lindsey.

Lindsey says it is best to educate your kids to keep their personal information private so that they cannot be tracked down on the internet.

"Identity theft is extremely common. The hard thing is solving that crime, finding out who did it. You can easily find out it's happened to you whenever you do your income taxes but, then finding out who did it to you is the hard part. So yes, it happens a lot because they know it's hard to catch them," said Lindsey.

Lindsey also says when making online purchases, never save personal information like credit card numbers.

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