Hunger still a major issue for SW GA, one expert says

Experts say the level of hunger in southwest Georgia is higher than the state's level as a whole, and Georgia's level is higher than the country's. / File

Though we have smart phones and cars that can drive themselves, experts say getting basic nutrition is still a big issue for a lot of people in southwest Georgia. In fact, Joel Berg, Executive Director of the national Anti-Hunger and Opportunity Corps, said southwest Georgia has a higher level of hunger than the state, and Georgia has a higher level than the country as a whole.

In part, he said people who live in rural places don't have as much access to social services or other assistance as people living in more urban areas. It can also mean it's harder for them to get to jobs. He adds there is no way to fix the economy in an area if there is still hunger.

"We need a new Civil Rights movement to make sure people are fed," he said.

The Anti-Hunger and Opportunity Corps has only been in Albany for a few months, but Berg said even in that time he's seen "incredible progress."

The organization connects people in need of food to other organizations that can provide assistance.

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