How to save money in the new year

    How to save money in the new year. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

    New year, new budget?

    Tons of people are vowing to save more money in the new year. That's according to

    If you're one of those people, Becky Belcher with DOCO Credit Union shares how you can meet your goal.

    "This is what people say all the time, we live paycheck to paycheck, there's no money left," said Belcher. "I promise you, when you do a budget you will see that even if it's just 5 or 10 dollars a pay period, you can save money."

    But where do people start that want to save money?

    "The biggest thing I always tell people, you want to save more and spend less," said Belcher.

    She suggests you take a look at your budget and if you don't have a budget, make one.

    "Once you put it on paper and actually prepare a budget for your family, you're going to see where you are actually spending the money the most and where you can save money," she says.

    When you budget, you can identify certain areas you can cut back on.

    "When I did my budget, I quickly realized that going to the vending machine for that Coke every other day or that pack of MM&Ms, all that little bit of dollars here and there will actually add up," said Belcher.

    You can take those dollars and put them in a savings account.

    "Everybody needs a savings account," she says. "That's essentially an emergency fund, other people call it a 'slush fund'."

    Belcher says when it comes to saving you should start small

    "You'll be amazed what 10, 15 dollars can do when you put it in a savings account and it accumulates every month," Belcher said. "Don't think you can't do it because there's a way you can do it. You just have to look at your budget."

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