How to pick the perfect pumpkin

Mark's Melon Patch owner give tips on how to pick the perfect pumpkin./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Fall isn’t complete without pumpkins all around, but it can be stressful to pick the perfect one.

Mark’s Melon Patch owner, Mark Daniels, said it’s important to make sure there are no bruises or cuts on the pumpkin.

A firm stem on it is another key that you have a good one.

When you do get your perfect pumpkin, it’s not a good idea to carve it weeks in advance.

“If you’re going to carve out the pumpkin, wait until three of four days before Halloween, and don’t do it a week or two before because it won’t make it,” Daniels said. “It won’t make it in the South Georgia heat. If you’ll hold off for three of four days and start lighting it every night, you’ll be in good shape.”

Daniels said the color of the pumpkin doesn’t determine if it’s good or bad. You can pick the color you like the best.

Mark’s Melon Patch has thousands of pumpkins for sale ranging from $2-$8. There are more than 40 different types of pumpkins, including white ones, green ones, ones with warts, and more.

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