How to make a healthy Christmas dinner without breaking the bank

How to make a healthy Christmas dinner without breaking the bank./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Cooking for the holidays without breaking the bank is challenging, but with the right tools, it can be done.

Experts say to make sure you have a detailed plan of everything you need to buy before going into the store.

Chef Matthew Beard says don’t over buy. Going to wholesale store for a bulk of items sounds like a good idea, but you might not use it all.

Look for sales, and use as many coupons as you can.

“Carry a calculator with you,” Chef Beard said. “Always round up. If something is a $1.28, make it $2. That way you know you’re coming in under budget.”

Cooking a healthy meal for a large party can also be challenging.

The best rule for a healthy meal is to make sure you have a lot of colorful vegetables on your plate.

Using a slow cooker to cook your meat is a better alternative to frying.

Portion control is another main key to having a healthy Christmas dinner.

“You can use a smaller plate with the same amount of food,” Judith L. Hatch, dietitian, said. “You’ll feel like you had enough to food, as opposed to the same amount of food on a bigger plate, and you’ll feel like you need to back for a second.”

Hatch adds you should use olive or flaxseed oil to cook with as a healthier alternative.

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