How to help your child speak up about irregular daycare activities

How to help your child speak up about irregular daycare activities./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

District Attorney Greg Edwards made the announcement about no charges filed against Byne Child Development Center on Friday.

Even though officials ruled there wasn’t any criminal activity involved, experts want parents to encourage their kids to say something if they see something that isn't right at school.

Talk to your children every day. Ask them:

• How was your day?

• What did you do at school?

• What did you like about the day?

• What didn’t you like?

• How was the teacher?

• Did they act differently?

• What exactly did they teach?

This will help your child open up about what they experienced during the day, and it will help raise any red flags that you need to know to keep your children safe.

When choosing a daycare to send your child to, do your homework on the business. Treat it like a job interview.

“The decision to place your child in childcare is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life because you’re placing your child into the hands of people who will care for them for better part of the day,” Reg Griffin, Chief Communications Officer, said.

You should:

• Interview the director or owner for the daycare.

• Have them explain to you the policies and procedures the daycare follows.

• Ask for background information about the staff members that will be taking care of your child.

• Ask for references of other families using the facility to get their perspective.

• Make a pop in visit at an unexpected time to make sure what they said they’re doing matches up with what they’re actually doing.

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