How can you benefit from volunteering?


Three days out the week, Isom Williams goes to the Council on Aging center where he is a volunteer instructor.

“On Wednesdays, I teach Tai Chi and on Mondays and Tuesdays I do chair aerobics.”

Williams retired from the Marine Corps about 10 years ago. He said, "After I retired I discovered I needed something to do.”

He says he needed something other than sitting around all day so he started volunteering.

“Volunteering and helping people, that’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done,” says Williams.

Mike Gravette, the program director for Albany Rescue Missions, says without volunteers. They wouldn't be able to do as much as they do.

Gravette stated, “I’ve never seen a volunteer leave out of here without a smile on their face It’s a big part of keeping the mission going.”

Gravette also said there are plenty ways to get involved in the area.

As for Williams, “Being able to help others as well as getting enjoyment of helping others.”

He continues, “In addition while I’m helping others I’m also helping myself because if God has given me the spirit and energy to help and I’m doing just that I’m fulfilling his wishes.”

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