House on Saint Clair Drive gives spectacular Christmas light show with music

House on Saint Clair Drive gives spectacular Christmas light show with music./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

Christmas wouldn't be complete without houses decorated inside and out.

There's no way Santa Claus can miss this house on Saint Clair Drive in Leesburg. This is one of Southwest Georgia's best lights for the season.

One of the coolest things about this house is that the lights coordinate with the music playing on 99.3 FM. The family has a small frequency around the house to play their Christmas playlist for everyone to enjoy.

More than 50,000 lights were used to make this spectacular show. They have 250 channels of computer animation as well.

The homeowner says they've been doing the Christmas light show for 10 years now.

The entire family pitches in to start setting up around Halloween, and finish the display by Thanksgiving.

“We do it to just put a smile in everyone’s holiday season,” Troy Williams, homeowner, said. “It’s our gift to the neighborhood and the area, and we want everyone to come out and take a look.”

We are all thinking it. How much is the light bill with all of the lights? Williams says it adds on an extra $30-$40 for the month.

The show is open to the public, so stop by 259 Saint Clair Drive in Leesburg.

You can catch the show nightly from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. The plan is to start taking down the decorations on December 28.

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