Hotel funds could benefit tourist hot spots

Albany commissioners meet to discuss new hotel tax. / Matt Prichard

The City of Albany Board of Commissioners met this morning for their regularly scheduled work session to discuss a wide variety of topics.

One of those was a tax increase on local hotels from 7%, to 8% which would provide the city with $200,000 dollars in revenue over the next year.

With that in mind the board shifted to discussing where those funds would go. Some felt the funds should go directly to balancing the budget, however others contended some of the money should be given to local tourist hot spots.

"I would like to see the Riverquarium get some of the money, maybe even the civil rights institute. Those institutions are not only great for tourism, but also for the education of our young people," said Commissioner, Roger Marietta.

The board has passed the tax increase request onto the general assembly without any specifications of how the money will be spent.

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