Hospital visits increase during holiday weekend in Southwest Georgia

Phoebe Putney has seen a 10 to 15% increase in emergency room visits over the Christmas holiday.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Hospitals across Southwest Georgia saw an increase in patients over the long holiday weekend.

Phoebe Putney saw a 10 to 15% increase over the weekend.

Emergency Department Chairman James Black says the staff is used to seeing a large number of patients over Christmas. Right now, they have an increased staff size until patient numbers begin to go down.

Black says it has a lot to do with people taking down Christmas decorations and in some cases, trying out new toys they got over Christmas.

"We still have those injuries, all the new, faster more exciting toys that people are riding so we see quite a few injuries. And again, people taking down decorations and trying to get back to their normal routine but our consensus and volume is still a little bit elevated over normal," said Black.

Tift Regional saw a total of 130 patients on Christmas day.

According to Public Relations Director Liza Tillman, the average number of patients Tift Regional sees in a day is 137.

Between December 22nd and 26th, Colquitt Regional saw an 8% increase in emergency room visits over 2016.

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