Holiday shoppers make exchanges and enjoy savings

Holiday shoppers came out in large numbers, hoping for large savings.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

To most, December 26th marks one of the best shopping days of the year.

All day Tuesday, many shoppers came out to local vendors to spend gift cards and exchange gift items.

FOX 31 spent the day at the Albany Mall to catch up with shoppers to find out just how much they were saving.

Shopper Iris Bivins drove all the way from Moultrie Tuesday morning to return some clothing items she received for Christmas.

“My step daughter bought some tops for me and they were too small so I said I’ll just come back to Belk today and either exchange them or see if I can get a Belk’s card so that I can shop when I get a chance to come back," said Bivins.

She was met with quite a large crowd at the Belk store.

“As you can see there’s so many people here today. Yeah, it’s a hectic day even though it was hectic before Christmas, it’s more so now, everybody trying to exchange everything," said Bivins.

Bivins says she was just happy to return the shirts in exchange for a Belk gift card to spend on herself.

Target employees were greeted early Tuesday morning with a line of customers waiting outside the front entrance.

In anticipation of a large holiday crowd, the Albany store hired over fifty seasonal employees.

Target Executive Team Leader of Human Resources Betty Billings says lines should go quickly and smoothly with the help of extra employees.

“There won’t be long waits for people to make those returns as well too. We’re treating it just like we did before Christmas, we still want to make sure we give our guests an amazing shopping experience when they shop here with us," said Billings.

Billings says the Target policy is pretty simple. If you come into the store without a receipt, you can receive a merchandise gift card that can be used at all Target locations as well as the Target website.

If you have the receipt, the money can simply be transferred back onto your card.

“Many times you do receive gifts and people don’t always give you that gift receipt with it and so maybe you got two or three things of something and you want to return two of them. It makes it easy for you to make that return even though you know you don’t have that receipt," said Billings.

Target says their goal is to make the exchange process as easy and quick as possible.

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