Historic mayoral race in Dawson

Historic mayoral race in Dawson. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

An historic win in the city of Dawson in Tuesday's midterm election.

Ada Lemons-McIntyre, defeated incumbent R.L. Albritten with 59 percent of the vote to become the next mayor of Dawson.

That makes Lemons-McIntyre the first African-American woman to hold that office.

She says she was inspired to run for mayor because she wanted a change in her community.

Her plans for the city include raising wages for city employees, fixing the potholes throughout the city, and developing a plan to clean up after Hurricane Michael.

"I really can't explain or expound on it," said Lemons-McIntyre. "It's a new adventure for me and I believe I'm ready for the task."

Other issues she's planning to tackle include attracting industry to the city.

She'll take office in January.

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