Group petitions to remove Camilla mayor

Group petitions to remove Camilla mayor. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Some Camilla residents want to remove Mayor Rufus Davis from office by starting a recall petition.

The recall group will be meeting at 28 N. Scott Dr. on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. They're asking people to come sign the petition to recall Mayor Davis.

Their goal is to reach 100 signatures.

Vivian Smith, Camilla resident says,"We are in process of recalling Mayor Rufus Davis."

The group says there are several reasons why.

Attorney W.T. Gamble is handling the recall petition and he says, "One of the most egregious errors he's made was his attempt to remove Joe Thomas as a housing authority director."

Gamble says Davis didn't have authority to remove Thomas as the director. Gamble adds the mayor allegedly had a lien against him from the IRS.

The lawyer states,"We believe that made him where he was not qualified to run for mayor to begin with..probably not qualified now and not qualified to seek re-election."

The group also thinks the mayor is dividing the city.

"Some of the statements he's made to the press and the public concerning racial issues were quite inflammatory and dividing the community, "says Gamble.

Other citizens still have the mayor's back.

Julia Ellen Brown, a long-time resident of Mitchell County says, "I am not signing anything to get rid of the mayor."

Davis' supporters say he's guiding Camilla to a new era.

Brown says,"Camilla needs help! Why would you try to get rid of somebody who's stepping forward."

In response, Mayor Davis says he didn't make the decision to remove the housing authority director.

Mayor Davis says, "I'm not in a position to remove him but the members of the board are and they reached out to me about concerns they had."

Davis says the other concerns aren't relevant, "Whether I owe the IRS or not it has nothing to do with discrimination in Camilla Georgia and bettering the community."

He says he's working for all of the city of Camilla.

"I'm mayor for all people black and white. I love all of my residents. I do have to spend time focusing on racial issues that are controversial because they exist.

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