Group moves forward to remove Camilla mayor from office

Group moves forward to remove Camilla mayor from office. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

A group of petitioners received the required 100 signatures to move forward in their quest to remove Mayor Rufus Davis from office.

Recall organizers met on Saturday and got about 200 signatures, according to the attorney handling the petition.

The petitioners had to get at least 100 signatures from registered voters that participated in the last election.

Next, the petition organizers and their attorney will file the petition with the elections superintendent.

The elections superintendent will verify the signatures came from registered voters.

The group plans to file the petition with the elections superintendent late Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

After the elections office verifies they have 100 valid signatures, the mayor can file for a hearing.

The mayor can file for a hearing saying the petitioners don't have enough cause to remove him from office.

In the case of the Camilla mayor, if the petition is verified, Mayor Davis says he intends to file for a hearing.

If the judge concludes the causes are invalid, the process will end and the mayor will hold his office.

If the judge says the causes to remove him are valid, the recall group will get another petition and will have to get signatures from 30% of registered voters.

The elections superintendent will once again verify the signatures.

Then, an election will be called on should the official be removed from office.

If residents vote to remove the mayor, he'll be removed and an election would happen for the office.

Attorney Tommy Coleman stated it's a lengthy and extensive process and could take weeks.

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