Governor Deal stops by the Good Life City

    Governor Nathan Deal makes a visit to the good life city. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter<p>{/p}

    Governor Deal visited Albany Thursday evening for the annual Quail Hunt.

    The 30th annual Quail Hunt is an effort to bring more businesses and jobs to Georgia.

    The Georgia Chamber of Commerce hosted almost 30 guests at Pretoria Fields Brewery on Thursday.

    President of the Chamber, Chris Clark hopes to see more jobs and investment come to the state as a result of this event.

    Governor Deal said in order to attract businesses to the area, we have to start with a strong foundation for our talent pool.

    Governor Deal said, "That is as it relates to improving our K through 12 system. If we're going to attract the kind of businesses we want we have to start with a good foundation and that's where it starts."

    Tonight was the third night of the four day event.

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