Going back, moving ahead

Albany native Lisa Battle-Jackson studies as she works towards her four-degree, something many Georgians are now doing. / FOX31 News

For the past twelve months, Albany native Lisa Battle-Jackson has made the Oakland Library in Lee County her pseudo-home. She's doing something she never thought she'd do again â" go back to school.

For Lisa, it had been nearly 32 years since the last time she found herself hitting the books. After graduating from high school in 1983, Lisa briefly attended college - earning her two-year degree before leaving to earn income at Georgia Power, where she still works today. Her career, Lisa told me, was one of the main reasons she decided to pursue her four year diploma.

"I did it to enhance my skills," she said. "To have a better opportunity in the workplace. To make myself more marketable."

The mother of two and grandmother of three represents a growing trend among Georgians, and among Americans. And the time could not be better for those looking to return to school. According to the University System of Georgia, by 2025, more than 60% of jobs in the Peach State will require some type of postsecondary degree. Currently only 42% of Georgia's adult population have one.

A representative from the University System of Georgia told us, there's no rhyme-or-reason to the growth, but point to an uptick in the economy and an expanding need for higher education in the job market as possible motives.

Whatever the reason, Lisa has hers, and she glad she took the leap to go back, and move ahead.

"I'm hoping it will open more doors to other jobs in the company that I may qualify for based on my new credentials."

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