Georgia State Patrol rallies the troops this holiday weekend

Georgia State Patrol says there will be an increased patrol presence on roadways this weekend.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Georgia State Patrol wants to remind drivers to slow down and expect busy roadways this holiday weekend.

Post 40 in Albany is warning drivers ahead of time that there will be an increased patrol presence on the roadways.

According to Trooper First Class David Fretwell, GSP is now seeing more distracted driving than they are seeing impaired driving.

Fretwell says citations with hefty fines will be issued if you are seen looking at your phone while driving.

Fretwell adds, GSP is finding that any kind of mobile phone use, whether that's holding the phone up to your ear or talking on speaker does, in fact, distract drivers.

He says an increased patrol presence should curb bad behaviors on the roadways.

"It's very important that were seen out there because what happens with motorists, when they see a patrol officer out there on the road, trooper, deputy, whichever it may be, their behavior will change during that moment and that moment can really mean a lot just getting that change in behavior," said Fretwell.

Georgia State Patrol says their number one goal is for drivers to get from point A to point B safely and in one piece.

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