Georgia State Patrol preparing for congested roadways

    The Georgia State Patrol is expecting congested roadways this weekend. Photo: Kailey McCarthy

    As of Thursday, 30 counties in the state of Georgia are under a state of emergency. Many Floridians are traveling through highway I-95 and I-75 looking to go north to avoid Irma's path.

    Georgia State Patrol says they are prepared for the influx of drivers going through the Albany area and surrounding counties.

    GSP will be conducting visibility patrols on Highway 19 and Georgia 300 as people begin to evacuate Florida.

    The patrol office will also be conducting contraflow procedures which allow both the north and southbound lanes of traffic to travel north on large highways like I-19 and I-75.

    Some troopers will be headed to the coast to assist congested areas there.

    Sergeant John Vanlandingham with the GSP expects congested roads but wants to do everything in his power to assist drivers heading north.

    "Our main goal is to prevent fatalities. In a situation like a hurricane, we want to get people out as efficiently and quickly as possible to get them out of the affected area," said Vanlandingham.

    The GSP expects to see a lot of congestion, minor wrecks, broke-down vehicles and possibly some road rage.

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