Georgia Forestry Commission prepares for potential Hurricane Irma damage

Ga Forestry Commission prepares for potential Hurricane Irma damage. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni 

The Georgia Forestry Commission has resources in place, and is ready to deal with the potential result of Hurricane Irma.

There’s a chainsaw crew ready to clear the roads from debris. They have resources that can transport necessary items in and out of impacted areas.

The Georgia Forestry Commission will not issue burn permits for the next three days.

With the moisture and wind coming from the storm, an active burn site can cause a fire.

“We want to do this so that people will have the opportunity to check the locations that have already been burned, making sure they’re secure, and they’re not still burning and smoldering,” Chief Ranger Tom Lambert said.

According to Lambert, they want to make sure that all of the resources they have will be used for damage instead of a potential fire.

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