Georgia Day celebrated at one local museum Monday

The museum hosted live historians who recounted history over the years.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

On February 12th 1909, the Georgia Assembly established the day as Georgia Day.

The Veterans Memorial Museum located inside the the Georgia Veterans State Park celebrated Monday by reenacting different time periods throughout history.

"I grew up a history nerd and history is really boring when you just sit there and read about it," said Stephan Zacharias.

To Stephan Zacharias, history is more than a past time, it's a way of life. He has been a living historian and cultural interpreter for the past 16 years.

"It's kind of what we live for is to bring those pages to life, let people realize there was more than just the famous people that you always hear and read about, there was every day people just like you and me," said Zacharias.

For the past month, Zacharias has been Resource Manager at the Georgia Veterans State Park.

On Monday, the museum celebrated Georgia Day with history lessons and historians.

"Were here to celebrate Georgian's, were here to celebrate history, we're here to celebrate museums in Georgia," said Zacharias.

On Monday, Zacharias represented a man who would have been present in the early 1900s.

He says it was rewarding for him to bring life to the characters who once made history so long ago.

"A person dies twice, you die your physical death and then your second death is when people stop speaking your name in stories or remembrance," said Zacharias.

This is the first year the museum has brought in live historians for Georgia Day. To Zacharias, February 12th is a day that should be celebrated for years to come.

"History's very important to me. Sadly, these days, history is becoming more of an elective and less of a requirement," said Zacharias.

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