Fitzgerald home invasion leaves home owner dead

    UPDATE: 01/21/2016 10:50 P.M.

    A home invasion that took place late Wednesday night in Fitzgerald left the home owner dead.

    Ben Hill County Sheriff said shortly before midnight on Wednesday, 3 masked men kicked down the door of the home in the 100 block of Stubbs Avenue and asked Craigory Burch Jr. who was a lottery winner in November for money as he was sitting in the living room holding his 2 year old child.

    Officials said the men shot Burch in both legs stepped out, came back in and shot him again.

    A neighbor who did not want to be identified spoke to FOX 31 about her encounter with the victim's girlfriend. The neighbor said she had just gotten home from work and was sitting in her car on the phone when the victim's girlfriend, Jasmine Hendricks was tapping on her car window.

    "She was like please please let me in your car. So I let her in the car, I said what's going on? She's like they just busted in my house and they shot my boyfriend," the neighbor said.

    Burch Jr.'s girlfriend Hendricks told her neighbor that the suspects took their phones and she ran out of the house with two of her children.

    "I pulled out my drive way and got probably about to the end of the road and I dialed 911 and I was telling them what was going on and she was talking about my baby, my baby. My other baby was in the house," the neighbor said.

    The neighbor said she drove Hendricks and the two children to a nearby store and stayed on the phone with the 911 operator until she was given instructions on what to do.

    The sheriff said 3 investigators and several deputies are working the scene along with GBI crime scene processors from Perry. They had been at the scene of the shooting since 4 a.m. on Thursday.

    I asked the neighbor if crime was an issue for the neighborhood.

    "We've been over here approximately about 9 or 10 years; pretty quiet neighborhood. They just moved in probably about two weeks. These houses have been empty for a long time," the neighbor said. "In the car I'm asking the other baby are you okay? And he was like they shot my daddy and that broke my heart," the neighbor said.

    Luckily Hendricks and the children are okay.

    The Sheriff's office said they believe the shooting happened in the living room and they found bullet cases in the kitchen and recreation room.

    They are following up on some leads and looking at some suspects but the case is still under investigation.


    One person is dead after a home invasion in Fitzgerald.

    Officials from the Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office said they got a call around midnight Wednesday saying someone had broken into a home near Stubbs Avenue and one person had been shot.

    They have not identified the victim but say he or she was the person living in the house. No suspects have been identified, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is handling the case.

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