GBI, Camilla Fire Dept. investigate deadly fire, family mourns

GBI and Camilla Fire Dept. investigates deadly fire and family mourns the loss. Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

A deadly Camilla fire is being investigated by the Camilla Fire Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Fifteen first responders were on the scene Tuesday afternoon working to put out a house fire and tried to save a man that was trapped inside.

Roy Emanuel Williams Sr.,85, lived in his Camilla home for 50 years.

"I'm at a lost," Sanya Jackson said. "It's like a daze to me."

Sanya said her father, Williams, died in this house fire this afternoon.

"When the firefighters from the Camilla Fire Department got here, they advanced a hose line in an attempted to rescue the victim of the house,” Camilla Fire Chief Jamie Sullivan said. “Unfortunately, they were unable to reach him."

The GBI, Mitchell County Sheriff's Office, the Georgia State Fire Marshall's Office and the Camilla Fire Department are investigating.

"It's important to us to make sure we understand exactly why the fire started so we can prevent those in the future,” Sullivan said.

Sanya said Williams was a great man that didn't let old age stop him from loving his family.

"I was his baby,” Sanya said. “Even though he had Alzheimer’s Disease, my dad still remembered my name."

This family is repeating their worst nightmare after losing another family member nearly four years ago.

"My daddy's brother was burned in a house the same way,” Sanya said.

The family knows he was a good man that lived a full life for 85 years.

"He almost made it to my grandmama's age,” she said. “My grandmama was 88 when she died.”

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

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