Gangs communicating through graffiti

Cpl. Roosevelt Kearney says many gang signs show disrespect to other gangs

Albany Gang Unit investigators broke down the signs and colors of local gangs for community members at today's Gang Task Force meeting.

Investigators with the Gang Unit discussed the different colors that represent different gangs, such as blue for Crips and red for Bloods. But they say gangs are disguising themselves more these days by wearing different colors for different times.

Investigators told Gang Task Force members about the gang signs that are often graffitied around town and what they mean.

"It's communication between different gangs some of it is just interaction, disrespect or something like that, just kind of making their presence known where they're at or what kind of impact is going on in the area," says Investigator Cpl. Roosevelt Kearney.

Gang Unit investigators say if you see a gang sign graffitied in your neighborhood, call them so they can document and clean it up quickly.

Thursday's meeting was the last of 2011 for the Gang Task Force. Their meetings will resume in January.

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