Sheriff: Over 600 evictions since January

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office has served 665 eviction notices since January

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul says there have been over 600 evictions since January.

Sheriff Sproul says it's mostly due to the economy. The number of warrants served is up as well--up to 4,059. Some speculate this is also due to the economy and rough times. Sheriff Sproul says their jail peaked at 933 inmates this year. The jail is still suffering from having to house and pay for state inmates that have been convicted and await transport to a state facility. The sheriff says it costs $48 a day to house each inmate. They will go to the capital in Atlanta to see what appropriations will be available.

Burglars have also found a new way to take advantage of people, says Sproul. They break into people's cars and steal the GPS system and look up the home address. They then go break into your home, knowing you are not there. Sheriff Sproul is also working continually to protect people from sex offenders. There are 291 sex offenders in Dougherty County alone. You can view the list at

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