Police identify beaten Moultrie woman

Rev. Dr. R.O. Calhoun places signs in his church.

A Moultrie woman has been placed into a drug induced coma at a Thomasville hospital after police found her severely beaten in the grass in the 500 block of Northside Drive early Monday morning in Moultrie. The victim was taken to a Moultrie hospital where she was then transported to Archbold Hospital in Thomasville. The woman, who was originally called Jane Doe, has been identified as Linda Kreigbaum. Police say that injuries to her face were so severe that she could not be identified facially and that fingerprint technology had to be used. Moultrie police are looking for a person of interest named Iva Lee Worthy who is wanted for questioning and believe he was the last person seen with the victim. Officials have tried to contact the next of kin but have been unable to do so. They do have an idea of what the fight was about but aren't releasing that information at this time. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Worthy are asked to contact the Moultrie Police Department at 985-3131. As officials look for a person of interest, they're also taking a proactive stance to curb crime by stepping up patrol and working with residents.

We really rely on the community help because they have eyes that we don't have. They see things that we don't see and they can help us in many ways than they might realize, said Investigator David Underwood, Moultrie Police Department.

Community members are pulling together to end violence within the city of Moultrie and Colquitt County. Dr. R.O. Calhoun is organizing a Stop the Violence rally as a prelude to future efforts for peace within the community.

We're going from door to door. We're getting into the trenches to be an effective witness in the streets of Moultrie, Georgia said Dr. R.O. Calhoun, Pastor of Union Missionary Baptist Church.

For Dr. Calhoun the spirit of community clean-up was awakened after a drive-by shooting that left two people dead. As the community leader prepares for the rally, he's hoping criminals make a choice to ~Stop the Violence and Turn to God TM, but he says even if they aren't in attendance, they'll hear his message from miles away.

If you put awareness in their heart perhaps and we hope and we pray that somehow they will get the message and grow up, said Dr. R.O. Calhoun.

The Stop the Violence rally is scheduled for May 11th, 2013. Moultrie ministers will hold a planning meeting on May 4th, 2013 to lay out a plan for cleaning up the community.

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