Playing is fun, so let's celebrate!

Kids got free tennis lessons at Darton College. / Sean Streicher

Saturday was a day to celebrate playing, in the fourth annual Albany Family play day.

Families we're invited to Tift Park from 10-1pm, to partake in activities.

Volunteers from Youth Becoming Healthy, the Girl Scouts, Home Depot, and the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany were on hand ruining arts and crafts, games, and relay races.

"We're out here running playing, and now a days, kids are playing video games, and they're more in the house so it gives a chance for everybody to get out," said volunteer and mother SSG Juana DeLosSantos from the MCLB Albany.

Across town, at Darton State College, the Albany Tennis Association decided to get in on the fun.

Running a mini-tournament for their junior players and giving free lessons to anyone who wanted them.

"This (tennis) is something you can play, you can move to another town, somebody is always going have a tennis racquet, there's always going to be a tennis court", said Donna Friedlender the President of the Albany Tennis Association.

Organizers say they expected 1,500 people to show up throughout the day.

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