Parent heated after Monroe High School brawl

After a brawl at Monroe Comprehensive High School, a parent is requesting that the Dougherty County School System do some investigating.

Hillary Hudson says her son was in school Wednesday when another person entered the building and started a fight with him.

Hudson claims her son was only fighting back and shouldn't be charged in the case.

The mother got into a heated debate with the principal of Monroe High School Thursday afternoon about the series of events and how the school handled the situation.

She says it was the school's job to protect her son.

"It could've been something where someone was really hurt or my son being killed. Everybody is just being nonchalant and more on trying to prosecute my child because he fought back. I think the school needs to watch out for people that don't go to school here. You know its little things like that that can help." says Hillary Hudson.

R.D. Harter with the Dougherty County School System says Hudson's son has warrants for participating in the fight. However, he will have a chance to prove his case in court so that justice can be served.

Harter also add that fighting will not be tolerated by any means on school campuses.

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