Forrester Senior Village unveiled

Ribbon cutting at the grand opening of, "Forrester Senior Village." / Matt Prichard

Local Lee County government officials made their way out to Forrester Road to commemorate the grand opening of Forrester Senior Village.

The community boasts 50-units for seniors 55-years of age and up, with 10 of those units having 1-bedroom, and the other 40 containing two bedrooms. However creating this new community did not come easily says Josh Thomason, owner of Peachtree Housing.

"We went through a long re-zoning process, but after working with the county, we were able to work all of that out. Winning their support over, and now we have a beautiful product today," said Thomason.

With the community currently 50% full, project owners expect to be fully leased in 2-3 months. More importantly, Thomason expects this community to hold true to the standards of his company.

"Providing nice, safe, and affordable housing for seniors, is and always will be our mission here, and we're really accomplished that," said Thomason.

The grand opening included both a ribbon cutting and a reception afterwards where current residents, and future residents can get to know their new community.

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