For some, working on Christmas 'is joyous'

Azalia Hall says she's a jack of all trades. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

“I’m a jack of all trades. I cook. I serve," says Waffle House team member, Azalia Hall.

After four years, working at Waffle House, Hall knows the drill.

“Every holiday. From Easter, Fourth of July all that. Every holiday I always work, " Hall says.

Working on Christmas might make you say 'bah humbug,' but not Hall. It’s the one day the scrooges stay away.

She states, “Everybody is in a good mood. It’s just a joyous time. You know they tip better they come in here and just want to know how your whole year went.”

Being away from family can be tough, “But when you have a great staff, all of your holidays are joyous. Even though you’re not with your real family , you're with your Waffle House family.”

She might serve some of her regulars who know the day isn't just about seeing the man in the red suit.

Hall says, “Well when they come here to see me they always say I've got to see my red head, I've got to see my red head.”

It’s also for spreading cheer to some customers who may need it.

“If they don’t have family in town or they’re too far away come in here you will be a part of the Waffle House Family and we’ll make you feel at home on the holidays," Hall concludes.

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