Students staying home because of flu symptoms

The Tift County School System is doing everything they can to prevent the flu.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The Tift County School System is not taking cases of the flu lightly.

On Tuesday, a little over 500 students and over 40 faculty members missed school because of different illnesses.

The most common illness going around the school system right now is the flu along with things like upper respiratory infections and colds.

TCSS Director of Communications Stacey Beckham says if your child is running a fever, they should stay home and seek care from a doctor.

"As the flu does run through the community, it is important that our parents and students do their part too. If your sick, definitely stay at home. Our teachers will work with students to make sure they can make up all of the work they miss. If your child is running a fever then they need to stay home," said Beckham.

According to Beckham, the school system is taking extra measures to keep germs away from the classroom.

Beckham says right now there is no cause for panic because less than 10% of the school system has been impacted.

According to JD Sumner, Public Information Officer for Dougherty County Schools, there have been no measurable clusters of illness for this time of year.

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