Flint River Fresh aims to increase access to healthy foods

Flint River Fresh aims to increase access to healthy foods. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

One Albany non-profit is trying to help people that may not have access to healthy foods.

Flint River Fresh aims to strengthen the local economy and promote healthy eating and eating local.

Here's how it works, people order the food online and then the food is dropped off at a pick up location.

The organization gets the fruits and vegetables from 30 farmers from all over southwest Georgia, East Alabama and North Florida.

The Executive Director of Flint River Fresh, Fredando Jackson, says, "If I can encourage people to eat fresh to eat local. that's a simpler way of getting them to eat healthy,m right and if I can get people to eat fresh from the farm food that's only 24 hours, 48 hours old from being from the farm that's a lot healthier than something that's been transported."

For more information, visit the Flint River Fresh website.

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